by Molly C. Gauthier

Venus, planet of love, money, and values, has been retrograde since December 22. Every 18 months, Venus loops the loop in the Spirograph pattern of her apparent orbit, and appears to move backwards, from our perspective on earth.This “looping” part of her cycle lasts about 40 days.

Retrograde motion distorts the flow of a planet’s energy. Venus represents our values and valuables, our aesthetic preferences and attraction impulses. These tend to run against the grain during Venus retrograde. Unusual forms of beauty draw our attention and admiration: different colors, patterns, shapes than our usual. It is a good time to explore, but not a good time for high dollar shopping. Don’t replace your wardrobe, paint your house, get a tattoo, or buy anything you can’t easily return later. When Venus retrograde ends on January 31 and your tastes go back to normal, you may realize it doesn’t work. This is also not a good period to get married or divorced, or to start a business partnership.

Remember that “all that glitters isn’t gold.” We tend to fall for style rather than substance when Venus is retrograde. It’s a great time to shop for a bargain if you know your market. A drab exterior or a coat of ugly paint may be cloaking something of real worth.

It isn’t a red light on love relationships, but it is a flashing yellow. Relationships undergo a reevaluation process. Dating is a precarious hall of mirrors. As love shines her light on our inner world, self-worth and lovability, it’s understandable that we would assume the intensified feelings are about the object of our affection, rather than what they actually are– a reflection of our own light.

January’s astrology is conducive to healing trauma connected with divorce, betrayal, childbirth, abortion, medical procedures, abuse, and other such jolly topics. Flower essences, homeopathy, and other remedies that work on a subtle level can be very effective, especially January 1-15. Despite the aesthetic vibe being jacked up this month, creativity and artistic inspiration are on an upswing. Look for connections to unusual but supportive people and ideas.

Day by Day

January starts with a bang as the New Moon on New Year’s Day sets off tension that has been building for the last 10 days or so. Slow down; pay attention. The energy begins to cool off on January 3, but we are still dealing with errors in perspective– problems are either exaggerated or minimized. Inappropriate or ill-timed humor is an issue through January 8.

Despite the jumped guns and the crossed wires, there are some great opportunities to get organized and get important tasks done, January 6-10. Mercury begins a quick trip through Aquarius on January 11, spotlighting progressive and experimental thinking. A know-it-all attitude may turn out to be a liability, especially January 13.

The Full Moon on January 15 emphasizes the sign Cancer. Tummies and breasts are extra sensitive. Emotional eating may be an issue. The seeds we activated around the time of the powerful New Moon on New Year’s Day come to fruition.

January 19-22, don’t force logic on an emotional situation. Emotions aren’t supposed to make sense. Give yourself a few days to think before making a significant time commitment or financial investment.

January 22-23, there are two ideas on the table. One moves quickly and comfortably. The other feels stagnant and demanding. Spend the majority of your time where things are progressing more easily, if you can. Don’t waste time and effort trying to change someone’s stubborn mind. The stuck energy should free up January 24-28, unleashing creativity that can spawn a new idea or project in a few days’ time.

The New Moon on January 30 sets the stage for original, oddball, “outside the box” ideas that begin to pay off as soon as April. Fresh energy enters group dynamics, shifting the energy in a new and most likely positive direction.

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Mark your calendar!

The best dates for high priority business are January 4, 5, 9-13, 19, 20, 27-31.

Take it easy January 1-3, 7, 8, 17, 18, 22, 24.