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The Virtuous Circle of 2013

Serpiente alchemica

Take a look around you— opportunities are everywhere between now and early March. A Virtuous Circle of positive energy is available to you when you take the reins of responsibility. Take charge and engage with your power to achieve a well-defined goal. Structural changes happen more easily now, in your personal and professional life. There are some great days here for starting a new job or business, or implementing new management or new rules within the workplace or family. We will see successful mergers and changes at top levels of companies and governments. Steps taken to stabilize and restructure world markets at this time should, in the long run, work out well.

Activities that you plan and initiate now are likely to be successful. Hard work done now is likely to pay stable dividends down the road. Think solid, wise, long-term investments, not quick fixes. The fields of science, medicine, waste management, healing arts, mathematics, and finance, are especially likely to benefit.

Don’t like your current job or relationships? This year, a fork in the road leads to better and better things in the future, if you apply yourself with maturity, discipline, and effort. Allow this month’s eruptive changes to be the catalyst that moves you forward toward your next career or great love.

Day by Day

January 4-6, the lines of communication are open for those who can push through a cranky, negative frame of mind. The social vibe turns more serious after January 8. Trust and dependability matter more than charisma.

The energy of the New Moon on January 11 works well for those who make an effort and reach out and join forces with others. But we must be honest with ourselves and others as we negotiate space and boundaries, closeness and distance. January 15-16, you can build trust and move things to the next level. If things aren’t working as you hoped, take a levelheaded look at the situation. Don’t “bang the puzzle piece” to try to make an unrealistic idea work. January 19, start looking for new ideas, new ways to get your point across or get the job done. January 21-26, ideas flow easily. It’s a great moment for an office meeting or brainstorming session. Some will be too easily frustrated and pull back from contact with others that would have been beneficial.

The Full Moon on January 26 shows a serious, downbeat vibe. We have a lot to do, but we also have access to good ideas and resources. Work through the difficulties – you are likely to hit your stride.

Astro-Nerd Box: Why a Virtuous Circle?

Each of the planets has a sign it is said to rule. Other planets visiting that sign must answer to the “landlord” of the sign. Saturn rules Capricorn, and Pluto rules Scorpio. Right now, Saturn is in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn – so they answer to each other. This condition, known to astrologers as mutual reception, gives the matters associated with those planets a special connection that creates a virtuous circle of powerful synergy.

The 60-degree angle, or sextile, between Saturn and Pluto creates a second blessing. This happened for the first time in December 2012, and repeats twice in 2013. The sextile is an aspect of assistance, opportunity, and success. So we are doubly blessed in 2013. This isn’t Kumbaya, where everyone is instantly happy ever after. What the virtuous circle does is open up a path of new possibilities. The existence of the path does not cancel out other stressful things in the sky this year, such as the “Volatility Vortex” in the May and October forecasts.

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are January 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 15, 16, 24.
Take it easy January 7, 12-14, 21, 22, 30, 31.

From the 2013 calendar by Molly Gauthier