Happy New Year!


To all my friends, regular readers, and passers-by, may 2009 bring you closer to your heart’s desires.

My 2009 astrological calendar is still available. It features mini-forecasts for each month, easygoing and hot-potato days clearly marked. And the wonderful Mickie Bellah, a Gemini artist from the great state of Texas, contributed 12 of her fantastic surrealistic astrology birth chart paintings. You can read more about Mickie and see her collection at her website, www.mickiebellahart.com.

Jupiter enters Aquarius on January 5, bringing a new spirit of hope, fellowship, community, and social justice. I think it will feel good, a nice burst of freedom after Jupiter’s year in Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of Jupiter’s “fall”— this means he isn’t so comfortable there. He wants to grow, expand and be free, but he has been hog-tied in Capricorn. Notice what the stock market did in 2008 as the expansion and growth planet was in the sign of contraction. 2009 will offer its share of challenges, especially in the Fall and Winter months. But in January, I think we will enjoy a new-found spirit of optimism and find more room to maneuver.

Mars entered Capricorn in late December. Unlike Jupiter, high-energy Mars expresses very well in the focused and disciplined environment of Capricorn. You can get a mountain of work done this month, especially as Mars engages with Saturn, Uranus and Venus in late January.

On New Year’s Day, Mercury moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, and our thinking shifts from cautious, thrifty, and concentrated to being more reform minded, visionary, and forward-looking.

On January 3, Venus, the love vibe, moves from detached and objective Aquarius, to sensitive and compassionate Pisces, a sign that favors romantics, mystics, artists and all forms of imagination.

As you can see, the energy is really shifting in early January, making it easier to see things from a new perspective and plan your next steps. Make sure you take some time to sit down and have a think about what you hope to accomplish in 2009.

With Saturn still in Virgo, having good time management skills will help a lot. If you’re finding yourself lacking in that department, it isn’t too late to pull it together. Mercury will go retrograde on January 11— a good time to review your goals and priorities, and to get organized.

On January 10, we have an emotional Full Moon in moody, nurturing Cancer, which triggers our nesting instincts and desire for safety. Lance says full Moons dump our emotional buckets, and Cancer is the most emotional sign of all. The Full Moon is a time when our bodies’ tissues are absorbing everything (that’s why be get all bloated), so be sure to feed yourself and your loved ones with good, healthy foods this weekend, and minimize prepared foods with lots of sugars and additives and colorings. The good news around this full Moon is that it connects nicely to Saturn and Uranus, whose opposition holds throughout 2009 and shakes things up for all of us on some level. The good connection signals an opportunity to make some lemonade out of lemons. There are two very good weeks coming up. Consider your goals, and review your options. Dwell on solutions, not problems.

The economy dictates that many of us have to scale back and reduce expenses. And the Cancer sign is the classic pack rat that likes to keep the pantry and the closets packed to bursting. What have you been holding on to, that can be let go of? You might have to work up to actually letting go, and you may not realize what it is just yet. A Solar Eclipse in July really amps it up. If you don’t know it now, you’ll know it then. Further insight into the meaning of the July eclipse comes in mid-April. A sneak preview. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Mercury retrograde begins on January 11. And this is basically the only piece of bad news in the skies for the rest of the month. Not so bad, right? Mercury retrograde is not actually bad news at all. But it does slow things down a bit. Take time to review your ideas and plans as you move through the rest of January. Revisit your mission statement and outline; and plan necessary changes and reforms. The current Mercury retrograde is not necessarily a red light on your activities, because Mercury is not in “trouble” with any of the other planets. No hard aspects with other planets (although there may be hard transits to your birth chart). It does mean that plans and decisions or agreements may need some tweaking in the future. I signed on my house during Mercury retrograde, and my car too! April bought a computer. None of the above have fallen apart yet. Buy the warranty, or write contingencies into your contract, and you should do fine.

January 17-18, Mercury meets up with optimistic Jupiter in the early degrees of Aquarius. Their meeting suggests good new, optimistic attitudes. You may be reconsidering, reviewing, or developing an idea or involvement that first came into being in late December… someone you met on New Year’s Eve, perhaps. That was when the first pass of this 3-pass series happened. The last pass on February 24 brings it to a resolution or conclusion.

January 21-24, Mercury backs into the tail end of Capricorn, and we can really get into reviewing the bottom line, taking stock of our resources, and tweaking the outlines. You may have to scale back your plans or implement them slowly over time.

More importantly, high energy Mars in focused Capricorn engages with the Saturn Uranus opposition in much the same way that the full Moon did on the 10th. This signals open doors and important opportunities. Make sure to circulate, looking for new friends, new job opportunities, new connections. A friendly, detached and drama-free but still creative and supportive environment helps you find a place of stability and centeredness amidst the changes that are taking place in the world right now. And Mars is in Capricorn— you can get a lot of important work done.

A Solar Eclipse on Monday the 26th is a turbo-charged new Moon in Aquarius— asking us to consider where we want lightning to strike in our lives. Where we are ready to face the truth and move boldly into the future. Every Eclipse occurs at either the North Node or the South Node. This one is on the North— so it’s time to go outside of your hidey hole and bring in new inventions, new ideas, new friends. It isn’t always comfortable, but it does pay off.

The rest of the week is good, but pace yourself. There is some static— someone made a wrong assumption or jumped the gun on something, and it’s causing delays and confusion. Prepare to rock and roll after the 30th as this minor static clears and Mercury retrograde comes to an end.

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are January 4, 9-11, 17, 18, 21-23.
Scale back and take it easy January 25-30.

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