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Happy new year

Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for continuing to visit my site and read my forecasts. I have a Jupiter in Capricorn (utilitarian) wish for you all— may you receive the tools you need to make 2008 great.

Mars retrograde began in mid-November and lasts through the end of the month. When the red planet appears to move backwards, our physical and mental energy is lower, and our focus is drawn within. This is a good time to work on strengthening and reinforcing what you already have rather than launching some brand new enterprise. If you can allow things to move slowly and accept delays, you’ll have fewer problems this month.

Pluto enters Capricorn


Pluto enters a new sign every 12 to 32 years. Thus, Pluto’s entry into earthy Capricorn on January 25 is no small event. It marks the beginning of an era when, collectively, we reform the rules and material structures that govern our lives. This will touch all of us on a deeply personal level at some time during the next 15 years. It also touches business and politics— Pluto reforms, and Capricorn represents the world’s borders and boundaries, as well as those borders and boundaries that define us and our relationships.

There is so much more to be said about Pluto in Capricorn. Check out my “interesting links” below, and let me know if there are more articles I should add to the list.

With Mars in Gemini all month, it’s easy to scatter our energies. You may feel restless or impatient. Too many irons in the fire can cause trouble— Gemini carries the classic “jack of all trades, master of none” idea. With Venus in Sagittarius until the 24th, we’re more idealistic and romantic about relationships and ready to overlook our friends’ and partners’ shortcomings. Venus’ entry into Capricorn on the 24th brings a more practical, realistic perspective.

January 1-7

January 1-2, Mars opposes Pluto. This explosive combo brings on the urge to transform or eliminate what’s not working. It can be problematic if you focus your energy on what’s in front of you, rather than what’s really at the root of the problem. If you’re feeling upset about something, take a closer look at the real problem. Quite often, changing your perspective is all that’s necessary. An issue, plan, or complication that develops today resolves when Mars opposes Pluto again on March 7.

The weekend is interesting. Two aspects appear on Saturday, a kiss and a quack. Sun sextile Uranus (the kiss) signals opportunity to do things in a new and different way. It’s a good time to experiment, buy a new gadget, or update your computer. Venus is flying high in Sag, the sign of abundance, good luck, and laissez-faire attitudes, but has to come down to earth and face practical, real-world considerations and nit-picky criticisms as she squares Saturn in Virgo. It’s a heavy weekend for relationships. Save the party for the 19th. Sunday, don’t jump to conclusions or rush a decision as Mercury forms an inconjunct with Mars.

January 7-12

Drunkenness of Noah

Jupiter (“lots of”) semisquares Neptune (confusion, infection, drunkenness, dreaminess) the 2nd week of January, and dreamtime invades our reality. Folks at work are out sick, and it’s more difficult to bring plans into focus. We tend to overlook or ignore “red flags? that we should pay close attention to. If something feels sketchy or doesn’t quite sit right, trust your intuition. Clear thoughts and solutions return next week as Jupiter moves on to trine practical Saturn. So don’t rush it this week.

Tuesday is especially drifty, as the Moon turns void of course at 6:37 a.m. eastern and remains v/c until Wednesday morning. When the Moon is v/c, our actions, announcements, assertions, etc. tend to produce unintended results. Stick to routine, and let yourself drift through this spacey day.

Friday and Saturday, Venus in freedom-loving Sagittarius forms a square (quack) to freedom-loving Uranus in Pisces. Freedom square freedom is not a bad thing, unless you carry it to an extreme. This pair is in two not-so-grounded signs— Sag and Pisces. Enjoy, be silly, but don’t get too drunk, go too wild, let go of something valuable, or spend too much money.

January 14-20

Mercury retrograde begins next week. So get your most important Mercury-related business— software updates, car repairs, medical diagnostics, paperwork— done this week if possible.

Jupiter has passed the mooshy-feeling semisquare to Neptune and is now moving toward a frictionless trine with Saturn. Trines signal removal of obstacles and rapid development of a situation. Jupiter and Saturn are business signs, and this is typically a good transit for business— a pairing of growth, abundance, and good will with solid, practical fundamentals. This pairing has been in idealistic fire signs, but is now in realistic, material earth signs. You’ll find out now if your ideas can hold water, or if your bubble is set to burst as it comes into contact with solid reality. It’s a good time to run the numbers and create a plan for the future.

Tuesday the 15th, there’s a call for compromise and flexibility— don’t be too flighty, or too stuck in one way of doing things. It can be a challenge to nail down a concept or idea, and folks may get a little agitated as the Sun in structured, type A Capricorn forms an inconjunct with Mars in unfocused, stacks-of-paper-everywhere Gemini. A kiss from Venus to Neptune opens things up on Wednesday and helps you bridge the divide. We understand the bigger picture better, and it’s easier to see eye to eye.

Friday and Saturday, Venus opposes Mars. This is a fun, dynamic combo in lively, talkative signs— good for brainstorming, getting your groove on and blowing off some steam.

January 21-31

Monday and Tuesday look like space-cadet city. First, the Moon is void of course all day on Monday. Secondly, Mercury (our thinking and ideas) conjoins Neptune (unrealistic, dreamy, spacey, prone to fantasies and delusions) on Tuesday evening. It’s not all bad— Neptune’s upside is creative, spiritual, poetic, and inspired. But not at all practical. Save your important business on the “earth plane” for a day when we’re more grounded.

Venus conjoins Pluto on Wednesday, infusing relationships with a feeling of depth, power, and philosophical purpose. It’s another good day to review your finances and give some thought to your values and priorities moving forward.

Mercury retrograde begins on the 28th and lasts through February 18. This one is in Aquarius— sign of groups and gadgets. We’re more likely to encounter scheduling issues, mistakes, inaccuracies, communications errors, and mechanical problems during Mercury retrograde. Double-check all work.

Mark your calendar

The best days for your top priority plans are January 13, 16-20, 28, 29, 31.

Keep it simple on January 1, 2, 6, 9-12, 22, 23.

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