Full Moon at 09° Capricorn

Moon sextile Neptune, opposite Mars, and conjunct Pluto
Mars in Cancer square the Nodes

Saturn, the Capricorn Moon’s ruling planet, moves backwards through the final degrees of Scorpio, connecting this Lunar energy to an ongoing, long-term process of reviewing the past and letting go of old, deep, gnarly baggage, in preparation for a new beginning.

Work: The Capricorn Moon puts our noses to the grindstone. The sextile between the Moon and Neptune brings help and support from unexpected sources. Mars brings some tension and heat to the situation.

Love: Capricorn is a taciturn sign, bringing up more practical issues, like money, rules, trust, and boundaries. With the Moon’s connection to Pluto, unconscious power dynamics strongly impact our connections. If secrecy is an issue, the truth comes out around July 12 when the Sun connects with Uranus.

Health: Capricorn rules the bones and joints in general, and the knees and teeth in particular. Saturn’s placement in Scorpio puts some focus “down there” on the reproductive organs and the colon. Nurture and gently cleanse these areas if needed, but don’t do anything to stress them.

We don’t talk about poop much in our culture, but that doesn’t make it any less important. A peek in the toilet actually gives us good feedback about how we are doing inside, and how well our dietary and lifestyle choices are working out. Google the Bristol Stool Scale if you’re curious.


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