February 2013 astrological forecast from Molly’s 2013 Astrology Calendar

A Developing Situation

The pace has picked up in recent weeks. We tend to take a more direct path from point A to point B. Around February 18, the activity begun during last month’s Virtuous Circle enters a phase of review and further development of existing projects and situations. The pace of visible progress slows as you begin to “digest the sandwich” that you took your first bite of in late 2012. The sandwich may be an idea, relationship, project, or situation. This, right now, is the real test of your commitment to being responsible and doing the right thing. This is about paying off old debts, both financial and karmic. Commitments and investments that you make this year have far-reaching implications in the future. Many positive doors are open, and you can make progress with relative ease.

Day by Day

As February begins, love tends to spring up among friends or members of the same social groups. Close relationships may need more breathing space. A friendly, expansive vibe appears February 5-6. Make time for an adventure with friends or a first date with a potential Valentine. February 7-9, slow down. Don’t act in haste or rush to a decision. If you have a tendency to “boil over,” make sure you get regular exercise to modulate your energy. Put yourself to work on a difficult project or situation. Folks are more prone to exaggerate their thoughts and feelings in a provocative, maybe even alarming way. Don’t overreact to what comes up.

The New Moon on February 10 gets the ball rolling on a week full of opportunities. The mood of this Lunar cycle runs a little cold, with a detached vibe and a shortage of “warm fuzzies.” The social landscape is stiffer and more serious than usual. It’s time to take a serious look at our priorities, needs, and current resources, and make any necessary adjustments to the way we are doing things. Many people are feeling the pinch of limited cash flow. If you’re in a position to shop around, prices should be low. February 10-15, we connect to the energy of January’s Virtuous Circle. As you work, pay attention to intuitive guidance, dreams and daydreams. February 17-18, the quality of your connections depends not only on your friendliness and accessibility, but also your honesty. Don’t be afraid to make your difference of opinion known. Around February 20, we are unusually sensitive to psychic energy. Physical energy may be lower, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces birth signs.

Mercury retrograde begins February 23 in Pisces, an emotional, intuitive, creative, and sometimes spaced-out sign. It lasts until March 17. Mercury governs communication, timetables, and logistics. When retrograde, schedule changes, technology glitches, errors, miscommunication, and snafus are more likely.

Around the Full Moon on February 25, it’s difficult to find agreement on the best way to get things done. There are too many ideas, too many options on the table at once. If you’re struggling with a decision, don’t rush yourself. It may be best to wait for a more settled time to make up your mind.

Astro-Nerd Box: The New Moon

February new Moon 2013

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are February 6, 11-15, 27.
Take it easy February 3, 4, 8-10, 18.