Neptune enters Pisces

When a planet is in its home sign, its energy expresses in an unfiltered, powerful way. Neptune represents the watery realm of the unconscious. In Neptune’s home sign Pisces, the water is going to get much deeper. Those who can’t “swim” already will likely experience some difficulty, as worries, fears, addictive behaviors, drama and other boogies come up. The high points of Neptune’s energy are sensitivity, compassion, imagination, and connection to Spirit. The low points are escapism, addiction, fear and idealism— things which draw our energies out of the here and now.

“The structure is known as the Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation. It is a symbol of the infinite consciousness which is in all of us, learning and experiencing itself through creation… In the face of a sense of separation, ignorance, greed and hatred, the symbol is a beacon of unity, wisdom, endless giving and love.”
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Those involved in healing work are likely to see more soul level imbalances like addiction, depression, and anxiety. Homeopathy and flower essences, as they operate on the Neptunian realm of the subtle body, should be good support for you and your clients during this 14 year period. We all are going to experience higher levels of sensitivity to subtler energies. Knowing about them, working with them, is a bonus. Astrology, yoga, meditation are good starting points.

A sign’s opposite is often the key to working with it. Balance Pisces’ idealism with Virgo’s discrimination and filtering. You can’t control everything, but you do decide to a large extent which people, information, and situations you allow to come into your sphere.

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Mars is still retrograde

Expect energy levels to remain low. Projects continue to move forward, but there are certain details (Mars in Virgo) which need to be reexamined and strengthened or reworked. It can be very frustrating. Resist the urge to respond to criticism with more criticism.

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Jupiter contraparallel Neptune, sextile Chiron

Jupiter represents our world views and visions of the future. Neptune represents our fantasies, fears, and illusions. With the contraparallel between these two in force, our “B.S. detectors” go offline in the days leading up to February 10. We feel a little dreamy and out of sync as our concept of how things should or could be comes into conflict with how things really are. Don’t get sucked into your hopes and fears in early February. Take a moment to assess the big picture first. With the sextile to Chiron immediately following (exact February 14), this is a great time to release poisons from your life— physical, mental and emotional.

A note on relationships: Fools will rush in as Venus moves into impatient, me-first Aries on the 8th. There’s a surprise in the days that follow, a curve ball. Slow down and take time to make sure you understand the truth of the relationship. There’s a shift or evolution in the situation around February 15.

Talk things out, make your important plans, calls, and equipment purchases as Mercury makes a great run of positive aspects February 12-18. The Sun makes the same great run February 17-27. Put your creative imagination to work on a sticky problem.

Mark your Calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are February 1, 11-14, 16-19, 23-27.
Take it easy February 8-10.

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