Get your holiday shopping done early, and save the receipts. December 1-12 we have a favorable environment for doing business, and a robust early holiday shopping season. Your dollars have power— consider buying from small, local businesses this year. Their success keeps our communities strong. Gifts for the home, and gifts of food, especially from local, sustainable sources, should be well received.

Creating the Future

Green lights are flashing for advancing your business interests and projects. Progress is easier than usual. It’s a great time to tackle a tough job, research a new career, or set yourself up for success in the future. December’s energy especially favors those in caretaking Cancerian professions such as: health care, restaurants, early education and child care, home builders, real estate agents and investors, hotels, gourmet food, small farms, and housewares. The Scorpio professions are in a belt-tightening, rebuilding phase, but this month is a bright spot for them. These include investors, bankers, tax and insurance professionals, researchers, detectives, trauma center workers, funeral directors, garbage, recycling, and landfill operators.

We have an opportunity to pay off financial, emotional, and karmic debts. We get to deep places more easily. We can laugh at ourselves and learn from the past.

Around the Solstice, relationships enter a period of reevaluation as Venus retraces her steps in the sky. Issues of boundaries, trust, and control are due to come up between now and the end of January. Involvements between people of different ages or levels of authority dot the social landscape. We gravitate toward people, experiences, and purchases that are not of our usual “type.” The attraction may have something to tell you about yourself and your attitude about commitment. Feelings about people who charm or repel you now are subject to shift and change starting in February.

Day by Day

December 1-2, speak up and ask questions. Doors of understanding and action are open. The New Moon on December 2 begins a visionary cycle that brings new ideas and important discoveries. It’s a
“wake up” cycle. Simply getting out of your comfort zone may lead you to some surprising and enlightening places in the coming month. December 4-6, communications are dicey, and truth is elusive. The smokescreen clears and you get an answer by December 10.

After December 12, however, all bets are off. The Full Moon on December 17 carries a restless energy that turns up the volume on the rumor mill. Make sure that what you say is an improvement over silence! Shoppers are in an increasingly gloomy mood, starting around this time, December 23-30, when Mars moves through the Volatility Vortex. Folks are in a hot blooded mood – argumentative and confrontational. The aggressors see themselves as answering a prior offense, righting a wrong. An eye for an eye mentality can turn into a dangerously hot mess. Easy does it this holiday season. Bargain shoppers can find great deals on valuable items online and in resale stores in early January, even more so than usual for this time of year, due to Venus Retrograde.

Venus Retrograde: a Hall of Mirrors

December 21-January 31, Venus, planet of love connections and resources, will appear to move backwards, or retrograde.

When Venus is retrograde, relationships are a hall of mirrors. Those that are on the rocks or not yet well established are especially tricky. As the love planet moves backward, our love impulses turn inward. The feelings that bubble up will be intense. However, they tend to be reflective of your own inner process and are not necessarily about another person.

Our tastes and preferences tend to run against the grain during Venus retrograde. We are drawn to unusual forms of beauty: different colors, patterns, shapes. This is not a good time to make high dollar aesthetic decisions. Don’t replace your wardrobe, paint your house, or get a tattoo. When the retrograde ends, you may realize it doesn’t work. This is not a favorable period to get married or divorced, or start a business partnership.

Looking Ahead

The New Year starts with a bang! Check out Molly’s 2014 calendar and download a free preview with the details on New Year’s, why you shouldn’t get a tattoo this winter, and your day by day guide to January 2014.

Mark your Calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are December 2, 8-12.
Take it easy December 6, 23, 24, 28-30.