Gordian Knot

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Now, on to our regularly scheduled program!


The Detox Stellium is back! The last pass of Jupiter conjunct Neptune and Chiron completes this month, bringing a creative project, spiritual process, or health issue to a natural conclusion or result.

But there’s another idea out there in December that wasn’t there this Summer— the Saturn Pluto square that was exact in November is still present this month. We have some more work to do, especially during Christmastime. This energy can bring out the very best and the very worst in us. It is incredibly stressful if you try to force an issue or change other people. It is far easier if you are willing to look clearly at what is coming up within yourself, especially when things upset you. What fear, vulnerability, guilt is this bringing up in you, and what do you need to do for yourself to make it better? Sometimes a little gut check is all it takes to stop you from making a difficult situation worse. Cultivate love and acceptance for yourself and others where they are now. It’s a tall order, I know. But it’s worth doing.

Mars retrograde

Feeling a little low-energy these days? Mars retrograde is coming. It begins on December 20 and lasts through early March. Mars is already slowing down, so you may feel it coming on early. Retrograde planets lose focus and direction. When Mars is retrograde, our physical energy is lower, and we are more easily irritated and frustrated. It is a time to gather strength and resources, not to launch a complicated new project, pick a fight with Rambo, or go for a new personal best. Keep things simple, and accept your limitations for now.

December 1-10

Full Moon in Gemini, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The full Moon is a time of high emotional and physical energy, and outward “push” that is the fruition of a seed or intention that was planted two weeks before, with the last new Moon. Gemini is about thinking, speaking, communications, transportation, machines, paperwork, and co-workers, neighbors, the people you meet each day. What’s on your mind today?

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning are terrific for schmoozing around the office or workplace, getting things done, and persuading others to your well-reasoned, well-thought-out way of thinking, as social Venus sextiles practical Saturn. It’s also a great period for bargain hunting, as restrictive Saturn limits the price of things, Venus.

Saturday the 5th, as Mercury moves out of philosophical Sagittarius and into sober, realistic Capricorn, our day to day operations and thinking also shifts to a more utilitarian mode.

Mercury meets up with Pluto and forms a 90° angle, a square, to pessimistic Saturn over the weekend and into Monday. Someone is in a foul mood. You can use this aspect to review your strategy, tighten up operations and get routine tasks done. Getting tedious work done may lighten up your mood. Nothing too complicated though. This would not be the time to start ripping out fixtures or to initiate a lawsuit or other complicated project. Be careful in traffic. Weather can be an issue, as well, when Mercury gets in a snarl with other planets. Save your more important tasks and initiatives for later in the week, as the Sun trine Mars, strongest on Wednesday and Thursday, greases the wheels and promises a more favorable emotional environment for your most important plans and ideas to take root.

December 11-16

The energies are winding down as we move into the balsamic phase of the Moon, a visionary, quiet, low-energy part of the Lunar cycle. Sunday and Monday, events happen in neurotic fits and starts, as the Sun squares jumpy, on-again off-again Uranus. The square passes on Monday morning and quickly gives way to a sextile between the Sun and the Detox Stellium— Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Monday and Tuesday. This provides an opening to handle difficult issues with Jupiterian humor and Neptunian compassion. Chiron bestows the ability to relate to the difficulties that others are having. It’s nice to know someone else has faced and overcome the same difficulties.

Wednesday, the new Moon turns on the lights and starts the engine on the next Lunar cycle. The Sagittarius new Moon is time to plant the seeds for future travel, expansion, and exploration, and good health in the hips, thighs, lower back, and liver. Venus trine Mars infuses the day with a warmhearted, passionate sensuality. It’s a great day to get everyone together to work on a project, or just treat your staff to lunch.

December 17-25

You’ll probably feel like shutting yourself in and resting in the final days before the holidays. We have one last shot of upbeat energy, however, before things take a bleaker turn. Mars officially begins moving backwards on Sunday morning, although most of us have felt him slowing down for a while now. The Sun’s entry into Capricorn, also known as the Winter Solstice, marks the official beginning of winter here in the northern hemisphere.

The Sun quickly conjoins intense Pluto and squares serious Saturn, Wednesday through Friday (perfect timing for those of us who celebrate Christmas!), making someone itchy to pull on any loose threads in the fabric that holds the family together. Relationships are tested as the hammer of reality comes down, bringing up issues from the past and laying bare some deep feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. I know this sounds horrible, and I am not predicting ruination for all the world’s families, just unresolved issues coming up. They probably do come up in a quiet way. When Pluto is involved, there tends to be some repression— powerful explosives, but with a very long fuse. So note what comes up. With retrograde Mars in a stuck place, a semisquare to Saturn and Pluto, this probably isn’t the time for confrontation, and it definitely isn’t time to force the issue. But note your concerns and weigh the wisdom of airing them, and consider the best time and the best way to do so. Keep in mind, the aggressor tends to lose the fight during Mars retrograde.

Mercury turns retrograde in serious Capricorn on Saturday the 26th, calling for caution in all communications, transportation, contracts, scheduling, and anything having many moving parts. Leave room for delays in your travel plans. Mercury rx doesn’t begin officially until the 26th, but the slowdown period, about a week before the beginning, has an impact as well.

December 26-31

Venus transits the Saturn Pluto square, Saturday and Sunday, bringing another round of stubborn and resistant attitudes and folks who can’t help pushing each other’s buttons. Keep things simple. The Moon is waxing to full, raising our emotional energy levels. This means heightened awareness for some folks, and freak-outs for others! This is a very special full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, the sign of family, traditions, the past, nurturing. It’s a good time to reflect on the past, the traditions we carry forward from our families of origin. The support we are grateful for, and those habitual patterns of relating that are best left in the dustbin of family history. As New Year’s Day approaches, the energies of the heavens are here to assist us in shaping our future, in 2010 and beyond. Have a blessed New Year.

Mark your calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are December 3, 10, 16-20.
Take it easy December 4, 6-7, 24-25, 27-28.