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Look up in the night sky. What do you see? Unless it’s a cloudy night, you can probably see the Moon, stars and planets. The brightest “star? in the morning sky this month is Venus. Mars is also visible in the morning sky, Saturn and Mercury in the evening sky.

Back in the day, before astronomy, there was astrology— an art that observed the correlation between celestial events and worldly events. Our ancestors have tracked these cycles for thousands of years. The Sun, the Moon, and each of the planets represent some facet of our lives here on earth. Their journeys through the 12 signs, and their angular relationships to one another, are in many ways symbolic of what we go through here on earth, personally and collectively.

This forecast explores the astrological “weather” that we are all working with. It will present each of us with our own individual challenges and opportunities (which can be explored individually via your birth chart), but this overview applies to everyone, regardless of your Sun sign or what’s in your birth chart.

August 1-9

Venus has just moved from chatty Gemini to nurturing Cancer, shifting the love vibe to a more emotional, defensive, and protective place. Venus connects with Pluto in the beginning degrees of Capricorn almost immediately, coloring Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1 with a moody, intense, highly emotional energy. These two planets are both about relationships— Venus the nice, pretty, connective side, and Pluto the deep, intimate bonds and the vulnerabilities and fears that go with them. These are also two financial planets. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Could go either way. An opposition between two planets can facilitate balance or conflict. It really is up to us individually to bring out the best of this pairing. To do that, we have to be willing to see things as they really are, and to shine the light on our own frailties. Kind of a tall order for a lot of folks. Try to hold compassion for those who haven’t quite gotten it yet. (even if you are one of them.)

August 2, Mercury enters his home sign, Virgo. Mercury in Virgo is patient, practical, tidy, cooperative, and well organized. Careful and attentive. So this is a great month to take care of important business, before Mercury retrograde begins in early September. Even if you’re on vacation, you may feel like doing something productive like planning next year’s garden, or working on some handcrafts or other intricate work (Virgo). And it’s a great time to do so.

From Sunday until Monday morning, Mercury will form a trine to Pluto. Trines can remove friction and obstacles. Mercury represents our thinking, and Pluto represents power. So it’s time to think about pressing problems, brainstorm, or make important phone calls. Your chances of finding solutions and agreement are greater at this time.

Wednesday, August 5, a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius illuminates dark places in the emotional landscape, especially in friendships, communities, and group situations. We can use the awareness to move us forward in life, but it is easy to get swept up in the powerful emotional currents, despite the inherent logic and detachment of the Aquarius sign. Be like a strong Aquarius, forward thinking and open to new ideas. Don’t be like weak Aquarius, a rebel without a cause, too stubborn and defiant for her own good. Stick to your principles, but don’t cut off the “flow.”

An interesting thing happens in August. Because Mercury retrograde begins early next month, Mercury is starting to slow down to approximately the same speed that Venus is going now. On Friday night (Aug 7), Mercury will form a sextile, an angle that signals opportunity, with Venus. And because this pair is moving at roughly the same speed, this sextile, which usually only lasts a couple of days, holds pretty much through the end of the month! Mercury represents our thinking, our communications, commerce. Venus represents our money and values, and things we enjoy. Connections. The sextile joins the two in harmony, suggesting a very good month for connecting with others, making deals, joining groups, and other important activities and contacts.

Meanwhile, an inconjunct is forming between Saturn and Jupiter. Although it is not a major stress aspect, we may see some issues crop up in business or fluctuations in the stock market for about two weeks in front of it— approximately August 5-19. Jupiter-Saturn is often a problem of timing— the right idea at the wrong moment. Some are restless and itching for something new and exciting, but have to play by the rules, even if they are boring or tedious. Others will have to be patient and flexible with co-workers who have “ants in their pants” and don’t want to stick to routine.

Those who are prone to anxiety, nervous issues, or stress-related problems should be extra mindful. Know your limits, and don’t take on more than you can handle. Use relaxation techniques to keep your body and mind in balance. Don’t allow worry to get the best of you. Neglecting to manage stress and anxiety makes any existing problems worse.

August 9-18

road rage

A series of Mars aspects makes this an interesting time. First, Mars squares Saturn on August 10. This is one of the nastier squares in astrology. Mars is go, Saturn is stop. The square brings challenge and friction into the picture. This is maximum frustration— road rage. If you’re feeling angry and irritable, remember: we are all feeling it in some way or another. So don’t take it personally when someone squawks at you, and don’t get behind the wheel of a car until you have calmed down. Be extra careful in traffic on August 9 and 10.

With this nasty square in Gemini and Virgo, signs that tend to obsess over unimportant details, be sure to keep it in perspective. Let go of the small stuff. Delay, if possible, until later in the week, when the astrology is much clearer.

August 11-17, things are much different. Mars moves off of the square to Saturn and into a trine with Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune— a trio I have been calling the “detox stellium.” It’s time to take actions (Mars) that expand your horizons (Jupiter), heal old wounds (Chiron), or purify (Neptune). The weekend, August 15 and 16, is great for compassionate actions, selfless giving, volunteering, imagination, and creativity.

But keep your eyes open— surprises are afoot! There is what I can only describe as a big old clump of aspects happening August 16-18, featuring Mars square Uranus. This is a blast of confusion, instability, volatility that seems to come from out of the blue, and upsets the game board. You might have to spend some time “putting out fires.” Hopefully figuratively, but if you’re a firefighter, you may find yourself busy today, as this aspect brings out accident prone-ness in some folks.

In addition, we have the Sun opposing Neptune and sextile Mars on August 16 and 17, which I’ll call a burst of creativity that can actually go somewhere given the proper initiative. And Mercury conjunct Saturn, Venus sextile Saturn on August 17 and 18, which signals us to be cautious, because there are those out there who would ignore our message and pick apart our words. If you’re looking for some constructive criticism, this is a good time to ask. If you aren’t looking for it, you may get it anyway. And if you’re in a shopping mood, it’s very likely you’ll find what you need on sale, with Venus sextile Saturn. Venus is the price; Saturn limits and contains.

This tangle of aspects is happening as the Moon enters her dark period, a quieter time when our efforts are drawn into wrapping up the current monthly cycle, preparing and planning for the next one that begins with the new Moon.

August 19-23

Leo - 15th century

The New Moon on Thursday morning is a good time to detox and/or quit nasty old habits and start new healthy ones. Especially those that benefit the heart and vascular system. The new Moon is the beginning of a new cycle. This is not the time to exert maximum strength and effort, but to prepare for it, set the wheels in motion for the most active part of the cycle, the two weeks on either side of the full Moon. As this cycle begins in Leo, it’s time to work on creative projects, take charge of your destiny, be the center of your universe. Stephen Covey says, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.” You may answer to a boss at work, but you can still be the boss of your life!

August 20-23 look good for dealing with technology, radio & TV, eccentric people and new ideas, as Mercury and Venus connect with Uranus, and the Sun trines healing Pluto. These influences make agreement and solutions easier to find, if you are willing to listen more than you talk.

August 24-26, caution lights. A gnarly T-square appears between Mercury, Mars, and Pluto in cardinal signs. This one ain’t pretty! Cardinals under stress are driven to take charge and take action. So you may see some eruptions or freak-outs around you as parties vie for control in big ways and small.

Mercury, still moving slowly, finishes the sweet sextile to Venus on Friday the 28th. And holds the square to cranky, angry Mars through September 4. These are the days of clenched jaws and tense guts. Do your best to relax and let go of the small stuff. Remember that resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Be smart. Take care of yourself. Cultivate patience with others, and avoid indulging gossip or rushing a decision.

Mark your Calendar!

The best days for your top priority plans are August 3, 7, 12-17, 22, 23, 27.
Take it easy August 1, 9, 10, 24-26, 29-31