The planet Jupiter enters the sign Aquarius on January 5, 2009, where he will stay until he enters Pisces in January 2010. Jupiter’s last journey through Aquarius was January 1997 – February 1998. Before that, February 1985 – February 1986, February 1973 – March 1974, March 1961 – March 1962. If you can find a common thread of similar events, you may be able to anticipate the kinds of energies you will be dealing with this time around. Of course, there are many other planets in the sky, many other factors to consider that are different now than in these other times.

Jupiter indicates where in your life growth is taking place. Jupiter is larger than life, optimistic, loves adventure and risk. He can be an accomplished gambler, weighing risk against reward, or a foolish spendthrift who presses his luck and loses it all at the track. Jupiter shows an urge to grow, adventure and expand your horizons. Sagittarius and Pisces natives are likely to respond very strongly, and likely very positively, to Jupiter’s movement into this new sign.

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When Jupiter enters Aquarius, he is also coming out of Capricorn, a sign where his larger than life energy has to work within strict boundaries and rules. Now that we have firmly planted our moorings, we can use the traditions of the past as a springboard to jump forward into the future. Aquarius is a sign of freedom, reform, and innovation. Visionary and forward looking. This represents a spirit of reform that is hopeful and sociable, instilling a sense of social justice and fellowship. It benefits groups and communities, especially those with a humanitarian bent. It is a perfect planetary backdrop for our new forward-thinking, Aquarius rising President to take office.

Aquarius has two planetary rulers— Uranus, the planet of truth, rebellion, and reform; and Saturn, planet of traditions, rules, and boundaries. Aquarian natives have many ways of reconciling these opposites— from the conservative businessman who wears flamboyant ties to the punk rocker who collects antiques. Jupiter in Aquarius offers us all a chance to honor this ideal of moving into the future while remembering our roots.

Not only is Jupiter entering this new, innovative, more expansive sign, it is also moving into mutual reception with Uranus. Mutual reception means they are in each other’s signs. Jupiter is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, and Uranus is in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. This gives both planets extra juice, extra synergy with each other that beefs up their power and positive energy.

If we think of Jupiter as growth, then we can predict that those areas of industry associated with Aquarius are due for a growth spurt. Those industries are technology, aeronautics, astrology, automobile manufacturers, energy (especially alternative energy), broadcasting, science and scientific research.

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I have seen several testimonies from people having Jupiter transits, that they expected the planet of good luck and abundance to treat them better. Instead of goodies raining down from above, they found they had no luck in love, or they got fired from a job. Okay, not the “good luck and abundance” promised in the astrology books. But on closer inspection, it turned out the guy was looking for the wrong kind of girl and had some personal growing to do. The other guy wasn’t all that thrilled about his job anyway. And guess what— eventually he became a professional poker player! See, Jupiter is a traveler, he calls you to explore by freeing you up from old limitations. This is unsettling for people who don’t like change. Since when does good luck equal same-old same-old? If you’re really lucky, he won’t let you sit on your butt and settle into a mediocre situation. Jupiter wants you to expand your comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar.

“Humanitarianism, hopefulness or the joy of hope, wealth of plans, sociability, comradeship or good fellowship, the knowledge of human nature, a sense of social justice.”
—Reinhold Ebertin, Combination of Stellar Influences

“[Jupiter in Aquarius] seeks to grow and improve oneself through humanitarian ideals, intellectual development, and daring experimentation.”
—Stephen Arroyo, Chart Interpretation Handbook