Ch-ch-changes! Molly’s Astrology is becoming Wise Skies.

In the works: a new website! This is a new home for Wise Skies Planning Guide. All signs point to it turning out cool, beautiful, and easy to use.

Sign up for the weekly or monthly newsletters – I will send regular updates, and a quick invitation to visit when the new site launches in mid-November. If you’re interested in astrology classes and webinars, add yourself to the Wise Skies Academy lists, too.

Meanwhile, pardon the dust as piece by piece, the new replaces the old.

  • What if you knew the “secret sauce,” which efforts are likely to pay off, every day?
  • What if you could access it conveniently on your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar?
  • 30 page printable PDF planner
  • Download Wise Skies Digital Edition and import to your planning software

Wise Skies Planning Guide gives you a heads-up on the energetic “weather,” the constantly changing vibe that sets the mood of our homes and workplaces.

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